Friday, December 21, 2007

The View is seriously my favorite show ever

me: everyone MUST KNOW
haha mark summer's is on the food network these days?!??!
David: yeah!
he does stuff about like foods we love
and has OCD
me: he is showing 3000 dollars foods
David: it probably needs to be exactly 3000 dollars or he feels like something terrible is going to happen and starts shaking

me: hey just made the star jones wannabe drink two cups of coffee
and tell him which one is 40 dollars a cup
and she drank both
and he was like "the reason THIS one costs so much is there is an animal on th island of jaba that eats coffee beans, digests them, and defecates them out! And then they taste...."
and her expression while this was going on was PRICELESS
David: haha
I've heard about this too, the beans anyway
not Starr Jones's reaction

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