Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lay down dem traps

Yes. At this point Im just ripping right of awfulvision but this video is too, too beautiful and perfect and beautiful to be ignored.

As SA says:
Later, Andy's friend Will shows up and the two get down to business; that is, they lay traps for each other and then sit on them. It is at this point that Will teaches us the 3 essentials of traps. If you have never paid attention to anything in your life, I beg you to start now:

1. Never set spikes
2. Watch out for the clouds
3. Lay those bricks down

A carefully laid trap.
The high point of this video is when Andy sits down on the last of Wills traps and apparently becomes possessed by a demon. I'm not going to give you minute markers for when this happens, but trust me, you'll know when it does. I am not joking when I say it will change your life.

They say you should watch this video on acid, but seriously I think that would be a worse idea than that time we all took some and then watched Evil Dead. I think that night ended with us being lost somewhere in the woods....but at least I wasn't scared to death of my cat.

Kiddie Korner: Zach Braff has a blog
He spends a lot of time talking about being Jewy.
-MINI SPEARS! (insert obligatory comment about how this is less degrading than the performance at the VMA'S)

- this saturday night Im attending Junk Mag's Kathy and Brad for Kathy's b-day party. Ah, the good old days I wrote for Junk. Free gift bags, w00t.
-Long-shot-but-im-bored Craigslist ad actually turned some tricks! Who knew?

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