Monday, August 20, 2007

A catalogue of things that feel yuck:

1. Stepping on nails.
2. Riding your bike in cold, drizzly rain (as opposed to "riding your bike in the rain" which when written out, sounds like a romantic tempestuous activity)
3. Having your back tire blow out in the rain, stranding you halfway between your origin and destination, and what's more(!) in a valley between two steep hills. When you have a time-contraint.
4. Walking somewhere in the freezing rain with a useless bike.
5. Eating too many Oreos and throwing up.
6. Calling your mom to ask about recent tetanus shot (hey the word ANUS is in TETANUS! Who knew?) while trying not to get sick again, and having her hound you about whether or not your are drunk for the next hour and a half.
7. This is me:

Ok! I'm done bitching. For now. I think I just got a mosquito bite though, so expect another scintillating update after im done scratching it so hard it bleeds.

Oh! Yea! Max moved in last night! He is already making my life x1000 times more fun. He even got me to watch part of the pre-season last night of the Ravens and the uh.....other....things. The other team. The Giants? YES THE GIANTS! OH GOD I KNOW SPORTS I AM GOD!

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yeah, yuck.