Monday, August 20, 2007

The Ten

I liked Paul Rudd juicing his pecs. I liked finally meeting Jim Stansel, who Beth had to go meet in the woods during Wet Hot. I loved Moodonalds, Woondies, and Liev Schrieder with a 'stash. I am always a fan of Zac Orth and A.D. Miles- the latter because he looks like my friend Nate:

And Ken Marino is maybe the sexiest man in the world (today). Wasn't there some darker-Garden-State-esque film with Paul Rudd and him earlier this year (maybe Tribecca or New York Film Festival?) where he played a clammer? One who clams? He apparently stole the show.

But as a whole, The Ten just wasn't cohesive enough to be consistently funny, and I guess that's what I was looking for. Not little pockets of comedy, but one long goof. And I'm one of those people who always has to defend shit done by The State's ex-members. Sure Stella was funnier online before Comedy Central got to it, but I still liked it!
Sure, the Reno movie was just one long episode with Patten Oswald, but I liked it!
Sure, I barely remember Viva Variety, and Michael Ian Black's selling his soul to VH1 is so 2004 that it's not even news worthy, but he still has a face like an angel and god give the man a green-screen and some 80's paraphernalia to talk about for an hour! And who didn't like Drop Dead Gorgeous or State by State with the State?
So yes, I was a little dissapointed that this star-studded non-sequel to Wet Hot American Summer was a little all over the place and the vignettes were too quick (although they did overlap to some extent) to really develop the plot into anything with any pathos. I mean, wasn't Wet Hot inherently funny in a way because the characters were so fucking hilarious and pathetic and reminded us sort of the way jew-camp used to be?!
Fuck the Voice for saying they were trying to re-create Meatballs.

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