Monday, July 02, 2007

Weirdest dream ever

So I'm Catwoman and can do amazing backflips and shit, and my boyfriend the penguin (yes, its Devito, although Im not Michelle Pfieffer but rather the fat version of myself in middle school) has been sworn into office as Mayor of Gotham (which is a beach resort). He elects Harvey Dent as Vice Mayor, and of course its not Billy Dee or Tommy Lee, but rather Aaron Eeee who shows up with his strong, cleft chin and shaggy blond hair. I spend the rest of the night doing backflips (literally) trying to get Aaron's attention, but not much happening. Eventually I climb into a tent to escape bugs, and see Aaron peeling out of the driveway where I've made camp, giving me a look like "what the fuck why are you so fucking weird girl?"
Then I wake up and get a random phone call from an unknown number and I swear to god the person on the other end is giving me the same "what the fuck is wrong with you?" attitude even though they called ME and I dont know who Im talking to.
Of course, it's Jerry.
That was the beginning of my day. Now it's time for a bike ride, and a meditation meeting. Neat!

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