Sunday, July 01, 2007

MS (not the bad kind)

I wrote a Mcsweenys-esque food review about my favorite drink of all time (yea so what if it's cross-addiction, it's DELICIOUS). Here it is!
Whoooa. I turned like, five or six people onto this drink last night at the store's weekly bbq, and I no longer have to jealously guard my secret because Steve bought me my own case to split with Jared.
Oh hell fucking yea. Steve also let me have this old PC that I need to set up, but then I'll have my own computer!
And I FINALLY got my bike fixed yesterday (I owe Jason some quesadillas or something to make up for him changing my tire) and rode all the way to the water and back! My goal is to be able to bike to Coney Island and back by the end of the summer. God, biking is so fun, especially if you stay off of Broadway where all the cars are. I actually ended up back at Sean Gill's house, where I was on Friday night, watching Troll 2 (best. movie. ever.) and discussing future movie projects. It would be really great to work with sean; he's got this idea for an 80's movie cut into four interlapping segments- a disaster film, a dance film, a war film, and a horror movie. He also has this Nancy Drew meets David Lynch "Girl Detective" sort of tv show that he wants to turn into a web-podcast sort of deal.
I cannot WAIT to collaborate with him. Its been so long since I even considered film shit. I don't even know.
But yea, bike riding is fantastic, Manhattan Specials are fantastic, and the fact the Ilsa, She wolf of the SS (you see? It's a real film, not just a fake preview Rob Zombie did for Grindhouse:
) is now doing weddings is fantastic!
(Thanks to Sam for that last tip!)

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