Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Choice quotes frrom my freshman-sophmore year Xanga journal

Almost five years ago, and apparently I was fucking retarded. Seriously, the whole thing is about Ben Musher. Which is sort of creepy. Ben Musher and Buffy. My life.....has only changed because I no longer watch Buffy.
1. Aahaha, this obviously worked like a charm:
But thats all im going to think about him for the rest of vacation. Seriously, starting this very moment I am officially clean of ben and his hold on me
2. For awhile when I got to college I found my calling in Ultimate Frisbee. And was also able to pinpoint where my problems started:
This weekend was so....something. I really want to say the best thing ever, but that scares me. Who have I become?!?!? I have developed this weird addiction to exercise, it really is pretty fucking addicting. I've tapped into all this energy on reserve thats been building up for god knows how long, and the only way to let it out is to run (preferablly towards a frisbee) or do crunches and stretches. I am SICK! I need DRUGS to help me get over my new craving for workouts!
3. I'm glad I became such tight friends with "Wolf":By the way, Maddie is by FAR my favorite person in the world right now, and I love her way more then I love the student health services at Oberlin. Although thats not saying much. An actual quote from a nurse who saw my blood disorder, "Wow Drew, you are living proof that we may think we know everything, but there are just some bizarre things science can never explain."
4. My first entry is so key, if only to prove that the writer instinct was in me from the beginning!
Aha! So I finally found a wee bit of time in which to procrastinate in order to write this fucker. I really just like the idea of an "online diary", someplace to put your most intimate thoughts so the whole world, (or so you'd like to believe, you egomaniac you!) can see. It's kinda like Springer, except more flamoboyant craziness and swear words.

Anyway, Je m'appelle Drew. (Seven years of french finally paid off, ma!) I am 18 years old and attend Oberlin College. What that basically means is I'm far far away from home. "What home?" you may ask, being nosy little freaks that you are. To which I have to reply, "I don't really know." Home is not exactly where I thought it was anymore, and at the same time, its exactly where I left it, twice over. So maybe I should just stop my bitching and move on.

Right now I am getting ready to go see Mr. Show in Ann Arbor. Because my roomates parents are much cooler then my own and bought us tickets to go see perhaps the funniest sketch comedy duo since Tenacious D. (I mean, come on people, how many other duo's do you know? Sharron, Lois, and Bram were a TRIO, and when you add the elephant.....that's a lot of skinni-marinki-dinki-doo!) I'm spending the night at my roomate's place in Ann Arbor, and I'm looking forward to it SO much. I have to say, I pretty much lucked out on this whole college deal. Since I applied early, I got the best dorm on campus, (this really old mansion w/ real live bats in the belfrey!) the best room in the dorm, (by now we've all heard me brag about my walk-in closet with its superfluous window,) and possibly the best roomate as well. In the sense that yea, neither of us really go out that much, and we have yet to fight to the death, so yea, it's great. Althought I do occasionly make threats on her life. i.e. "Damn, if it doesn't cool off five degrees in here I'm going to kill the closest roomate. *glares menacingly*"

5. Yea....that never happened. I mean, getting under control. Not the fact that I cried during a musical about vampires and a movie where Tom Cruise is a fairy. Im fairly sure that was completely under my lame jurisdiction:Watched the Faculty, Legend, and the Buffy musical today, and the latter two made me cry at certain moments, but luckily it was only sniffles. I'm getting good at this hormone game

6. A message of things to come?Also, I had so much fun trying to hook up Coov and Catherine, although it just ended with Coov flipping out and running upstairs to talk to himself. Me and Pete agreed that its damn time he got that chip removed

7. And here I am able to pin down the beggining of ANOTHER life-long obsession:Really Annoying Girl: So, if the literary theorists were the so called "artists" of the 90's, who are the artists of the new millenium??
Mr. Pence: I dunno.....the Strokes?

8. Ahahahaha...yes, this should have happened. I hope it did:
I hope Rebbecca hooks up with that guy who looks like a cute version of Jason Lee.

9. Yes, Alex, I'll take "the more things change, the more they stay the same" for five hundred:
I don't understand why me and black James only get along when there aren't any other people in the room. He reminds me of Jamey sometimes, minus the hot Bipster part and the crosses on arm.
10. I look like a total dyke in my profile picture:
Wow.And here I am, freaking out because it doesnt seem like I've changed AT ALL in five years, but Farah made a good point:
Little: you don't sign off with "i'm a bad kitty, spank me" anymore

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