Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Why is it that when I decide to change my plans and turn my short bike ride into a long one (despite my non-bike riding wardrobe of heels, a dress shirt and inappropriately low jeans that show my granny panties) that at the very end, when Im going uphill and am panting and red-faced and gross, THAT'S when Jerry pulls up beside me in his stupid red car?
Ugh. Talk about caught off-guard. That was horrible, I must have looked like a class act.
But while riding today, I DID think of a really good term for guys who are too-smooth at picking up chicks: Eckhart-throbs.
Eh? Eh?
Ok, to be fair, its only because I saw that poster for No Reservations every four or five blocks. And I kept thinking "Ashley Judd?!" but no its Catherine Zeta Jones.
But she looks like Ashley Judd in the posters. See??

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