Saturday, July 07, 2007


Haha. We didn't get a chance to see the Indiana Jones thing, but Manu and I went to a Sake bar and fucked around for awhile, then met up with Sam, Max, and Farah to see Live Free and Die Hard. Now see, I havent seen ANY of the Die Hard films, so I was like blah why do I want to see a dumb action movie (I feel the same way about the Transformers. I hear that its literally "more than meets the eye"- like you literally cant see 50 percent of the special effects without freeze-framing each individual transformation shot. And like, why do I care that Megan Fox is bar-mitzvah dancer hot??!!!) But wow!
John Mclame is AWESOME! He kicks ass! And Timothy Olyphant is smoking. When did he go from the poor(er)'s man Skeet Ulrich in Scream 2 to this hunky hacker (ew, that's a celebrity gossip column-style alliteration. I apologize)?
Justin Long, also a babe, although Manu spent like half the film dissecting how "those codes could never work" and how unbelievable all the computer security information was. But like, if you are willing to suspend your disbelief to watch a car crash into a helicopter and watch a fighter jet hover(?) over a truck while spitting missles to destroy the bridge its driving on, you should be willing to accept that the NSA is retarded enough to have the back-up for all the country's financial information funneled into one spot that only Kevin Smith as "The Wizard" can hack into (hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. It was totally James!!)
Ok, so now I'm working at the bar cuz I need the money so I decided to forgoe my bike ride to far rockaway. So far today I've only been outdoors long enough to buy cigarettes, but Im wearing a (now) tight sundress and my ghetto booty is getting much appreciation on the streets of Bushwick.
I just finished You, Me, and Everyone we Know and cannot WAIT for my next film, Cookers, which is a horror movie about meth addicts who may or may not be imagining the monsters that are stalking them in a remote location where they've hidden their meth lab. DAMNIT WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS PLOT??!?!

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