Friday, July 06, 2007

Raiders of the Lost Arc remake tonight!

From Flavorpill:
In 1982, armed only with summer savings and subordinate siblings, three Mississippi boys began what would become an adolescence-spanning project to recreate the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Sparing no details over the next seven years, the devoted filmmakers recast suburban puppies as Egyptian monkeys, turned Boy Scout uniforms into Nazi attire, and apparently almost burned down the director's house — all for the sake of imitative authenticity. Yet despite the familiar plot and amateur execution, the means and manner of the adaptation reveal an equally riveting story hidden in the hormonally charged sands of the teenage desert.

Ugh, Im debating wheteher to go now and buy tickets....hopefully they wont sell out, Im way too stoked about this. Going with Manu, that'll be cool. If we can't get in, maybe we'll go see Black Sheep, that New Zealand movie about zombie lambs!

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