Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No, you rescue ME

New York firefighters. I would like to just state that those tv show firefighters where you are like "Yeah right fancy-shmancy actors! No one really looks like that in real life"
Untrue. New York firefighters are gorgeous. Hands down, drop dead gorgeous. Sure, they are probably all alcoholic meatheads with anger management and control issues, but god when you first see one it is like....striking. They look like something off the cover of all those novels that mom had locked in her closet that I wasn't allowed to open. Danny O'Shay was my favorite. He and a bunch of his buddies came into the store to drink right after the funeral for that guy who died while trying to extinguish the fire caused by the reckless extinguishing of a cigarette last week. Dude, that guy was MY age. That's FUCKED UP.
But anyway, Danny was a dark hair, blue-eyed mensch. So handsome, and he was drinking with his buddies, one of whom got on the piano to do a rendition of Esperanto.
GODDAMN. Dennis Leary has NOTHING on these guys. Especially not in those weird new posters he has up around town with the elongated mouth.
Charlie Kaufman directed a movie!!! It's name is fucking unpronouncible but is has Catherine Keener and Philip Seymore Hoffman. Im so excited I could shit.
But I won't. Instead, I will maintain the cool and wait for the firefighters to come back and set ablaze to my heart.

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