Wednesday, April 11, 2007

you've given me something I can't give back

as much as I love that New Rhodes song, all I can think of with that title is "herpes". Or other venereal diseases.

Plus, I totally rock. Jessica is using me as a secondary source for her article in Slate magazine about Twin Peaks to commemorate the release of the 2nd season dvds.
I also rock because Diego left for someplace, and now I'm in charge of buying MORE equipment (green screen, lavilier mic, barnard lights, et all) and filming some interviews. Sometime. Or something. The whole thing is so vague and I am terrified of fucking it up. Biiiiig project.
Here is a picture from Grindhouse, proving that if you have a minor-ish role in prime time tv (either Scrubs or Lost, apparently) you can end up in a Rodriguez film cutting off balls and going totally Wolverine style on some biochemical zombie things.
Get'er done.

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