Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don't stop believing........

Go see Grindhouse.
And then leave after the first half.
Seriously, Tarintino has looooost it. He just sucks. Although Kurt Russell hams it up and is pretty great, the second movie in Grindhouse is worthless.
Planet Terror, was fucking FANTASTIC and had me totally like cheering at the end and wishing the zombie apocalypse would just hurry the hell up so my would get interesting already.
Ps- that's not true, I would totally die during a zombie attack although my ability to lash out and flail at things wildly might come in handy.
GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. Like Slither except better.
Except halfway through the fake previews I went to the bathroom and creamed my hand on the door (i was sort of wasted, which made it even LESS okay that I was falling asleep through Deathproof). Now there is this really gross looking lump in the middle of my......whatever's on the other side of my palm. The upside. You know.

Also, Tarintino is starting to look exactly like Randy Quaid and I think that's the best thing about him right now.


Fuck Quentin.

BUT: Although the fake previews were awesome and all, Im super excited for what I think was a REAL preview, and that is Rob Zombie remaking Halloween. God.
GOD. That's going to fucking rule.

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ariella said...

what do you mean you 'creamed' your hand?? please explain because i am thinking dirty thoughts and it's oh so wrong.