Thursday, April 12, 2007

Never eat pizza while watching Cabin Fever: or how Eli Roth made me lose a week of my life

SO I just remembered this: Ariella, do you?
The summer before I went to London I came down with this like, itchy face thing. It happens once in awhile, usually after plays even if I wear hyper-allergenic makeup. I woke up with puffy, gooey eyes, and a sort of bloated, splotchy face. I had partied really hard the night before so I was like "eh" and shrugged it off. Even though it got sort of worse as they day went on, and I felt sick to my stomach, I still had Ariella over and turned on digital cable. And even though Ariella warned me not to, I watched Cabin Fever.
Cabin Fever, by the way, should never be watched. By anybody, ever. Especially someone who is currently breaking out in hives. Especially if those hives can be aggrivated by high levels of histamine, which in term is caused by stress.
All I know is that halfway through the movie, Im in full-panic attack mode and my skin has upgraded from blotchy to oozing. I spend the next several days in bed looking like the elephant man, taking steroid injections up the ass.
I am reminded of this lovely story because I was on youtube today and saw it and decided to watch part of it while eating pizza. I got halfway through the slice and now I want to puke.
The only validation in this is knowing that Eli Roth based this movie on having a skin disease on TOP of psoriasis when he was a teenager. The scene with the chick shaving her legs in the bathtub?
Happened to his face.
If that was you, wouldn't YOU grow up to write Hostel?

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