Friday, April 13, 2007

I am so cool/infected

Today I felt quessy at work and while throwing up, looked down to see copious amounts of blood in the toilet. i whip my head around as someone comes in (didnt lock the door) and bloos likw splattered all over the stall door. Turns out I threw up so hard I gave myself a nose bleed. So my boss is the one of the bathroom and I realize I've given myslef the world' WORST nosebleed so put my head back, but start gagging on my own blood and wretch right in front of her. For some reason I feel so much better and I come toward her smiling saying, "hey think I can take a break and lie down on your couch?"
And she SLAMS the door in my face. Later she apologized and sent me home. But ahahahaha. I RULE! IM A ZOMBIE MOTHERFUCKER!

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