Sunday, April 15, 2007

That's so racist

This weekend was RAD but I am spent. I only got into Maryland at three am on saturday morning, and as soon as I was picked up by Ariella we went to this guy Samir's McMansion where he furiously beating in a beer pong table (still had beer in the cups) with a golf club. That happened twice. He also tried to pull some very slick moves, such as telling me he had something to ask me in the other room and then forgetting, complimenting my tits, picking me up and DRAGGING me into another room while I clung to a doorframe, and most inexplicable? Calling me Gwen Stacy (Spiderman's hot dish on the side?)
It was fun though, and I got to hang out with Jeremy and Danny, with his ridiculous evil-villain style facial hair. Then we all went home and watched the Descent at Ariella's new place which was GORGEOUS, but doesn't have a second bed so I literally got, at most, an hour of rest. Saturday was sort of walking around like a zombie day, although Ariella and I went to the Visionary Art Museum and saw paintings by crazy people. There was this one exhibit by this guy who made shit out of clay *insert dreidel joke* named Bruce Bickford, and I was sort of staring at, but not really seeing his stuff until I went by one small-scale model and was like "Holy Shit is that the Double R Diner?" Turns out Bruce had spent a lot of time in Washington State and was there for the filming on Twin Peaks. He even had a small scale model of the town!
The giftshop in the museum was cool too and I got Danny a really cool comic written by Deniss Cooper(!!!) for his birthday, and got myself a huge pair of brass circular earings and a fine-tooth comb that looks like a fish skeleton. I also got Ariella some sort of bobble-head animal (rabbit i think?)
Then I RAN to dc to see Danny's play, "References to Salvador Dahli make me hot" which was written by the same guy who did the screenplay for Motorcycle Diaries. It was pretty good, but I could see how some people found it a tad redundant. I wish Danny had had a bigger part because he was awesome, as always. Afterwards there was a (not-so) surprise party at his place and Emilia Costa came! Yay! I love Emilia! Tori actually went with the cake idea we had over gmail, which was to get one of those giant cookie cakes with a picturesque mouse on it saying "Fuck you Gavigan!" Most people spent all night playing guitar hero and I kept trying not to seem totally lame and anti-social because I was SO tired. Danny introduced me to his friend Lucas, who sort of looked like cross between Brandon Davis in Seaquest and a cuter, pug-nosed Brad Pitt. I basically spent most of the night talking to him. Fun times! Bowser knocked over EVERYONE'S drinks, and Cornelius (the Gavigan's new cat) scratched the shit out of me before they told me the cat had AIDS. WTF? But apparently cat AIDS isn't transmittable. Feline AIDS. Ha, if FAIDS wasnt already taken by face-AIDS, I'd say we found a winner!
I got to bed at 4, woke up at 10 and caught a train back in the POURING rain, feeling totally depleted. Like, I felt I didnt have five seconds to relax this weekend! But I wouldn't change one bit of it because it was awesome to get out of the city and hang out with old and new friends.
Im going to take a quick (quick!) nap before I go over to Adam's. He's cooking my mussels (aw!) and we're going to play scrabble or something else thats equally perfect for a rainy sunday.

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