Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Jeerrrrremy Sisto!

A lot of people have hate for Sisto which I just don't understand. He's like, the guy's guy. He's always playing poker, he always seems to have a "fuck it" beard and a hoodie on, and he seems like the type of guy who would own like, five dogs. And pay more attention to them than you. I've already made up a whole story in my head wherein Jeremy Sisto's the type of guy that picks you up in a bar by making you laugh and then when you wake up in the morning with Rover licking your face and you're like "awww" and he's all "call you later babe, its laundry day and then im going to play some texas hold em with some friends."

Oh wait. No. Let's rewind.

ALSO! I figured out why i found it so creepy that Patrick Wilson was in that movie Little Children. He was totally the perv from Hard Candy! Also Raoul from Phantom in the Opera but that's totally gay so lets pretend I didnt add that part. Whoa and the chick from Hard Candy was Kitty Pride.
God I love IMDB.

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