Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who knew that existential angst could be induced by a power point presentation?

So last night I was having some sort of existential crisis myself, except like it seemed more like a fugue than a crisis ie I wasn't feeling anxious or depressed so much as deeply lost and not really recognizing myself, etc etc. Max (my puppy) sat by my bed and I really think he could tell that I was feeling low, in that way that dogs can sense things that other people can't because they are too busy trying to decipher social cues, body language, etc- all of which by the way can be fabricated and constructed, despite what a lot of people tell you about being able to "read" someone w/r/t non-verbal signifiers. Anyway, Max (my friend) comes over and we eat greasy brooklyn chinese food (wonton soup, spare-ribs, dumplings, Sam Adams) and smoke a bit and watch Family Guy, Futurama, Scrubs, and the 70's Show: basically anything that is easy on the eyes and only mildly thought-provoking and won't get me off on any diatribe other than exclaiming how hot Topher Grace is or something.
Earlier, Matty and I watched the State and a little bit of Fry and Laurie on this AWESOME new tv-show site Ariella found that is WAY better than tvlinks: alluc.org
Speaking of that 70's Show: did I mention the other day in the car my mom was sorta maybe implying that I meet up with this 30 year old cousin of mine who lives in Brooklyn, go out for dinner and drinks, and you know.....like, make his acquaintance? Apparently we're not "blood related" but seriously, how desperate does she think I am? Like seriously what is going on when your parents are trying to hook you up with distant family members like some sort of Jane Austen spinster?!
Max and I ran into John Leland outside and he invited us to karoke over at the Lucky Cat or something, which we politely declined, and it wasn't till after light's out and Max mentioned David Bowie that I realized what a mistake it was to pass up an opportunity to hear John emote again.
Now it's Tuesday and I am wondering where ANY of my female friends are, namely the one I call Karebear, because even if she has a boyfriend now and is all happy and shit she still needs to spend time with me.

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