Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I wanna get away

So I've been thinking on how to fix up my Hamsa tattoo, which Im not really that fond of. I figured I could either color it in or elaborate on it (maybe adding in the hebrew letters that go in that mean "Justice, Partnership, Peace"), get it removed (seems a little extreme at this point- it doesnt look THAT bad!), OR my favorite option: incorporate it into a NEW tattoo. Preferably a comic panel of some sort. Since the tattoo isn't filled in at all, it shouldn't be that hard, honestly.
I always wanted a Delirium tattoo and this one is even more fitting/classy than my original one:

The eye in the Hamsa could even be incorporated!
I dunno i really like the idea of a panel design, and since the tattoo is on my left side (where my ribcage is, but literally like, to the side) it would make an interesting contrast.
Ugh, of course this is just wishful thinking; i dont have a goddamn dime to my name right now.
Oh, one of Matty's friends is interviewing me for some magazine article they are writing on suicidegirls.
Cool, huh?

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