Monday, February 12, 2007

At the time you were you were a rake and a roust-about spending all your money on the whores and hounds (oh-oh)

When did SA change their format? I'm so confused except now I can read the forum stuff- which James has informed me you could ALWAYS do and I feel retarded since I've only been looking at that site since i was like, 16.
Friday night I hung out at Ariella and Jacob's new loft which was the site of our very first rave! We got wasted and watched MST3K.
Saturday was wakenbake, went to College Park to visit Jamie, spent all day watching Arrested Development. Then dad picked me up and we went to see Danny's play, Rough Magic. It was really, really good. You could tell the playwright used to work for Marvel; there were all these allusions to the Sandman and other comics, as well as having a really comicesque trajectory in the narrative.
Danny was great, natch, and afterwards I met his wife Tori and we went out with the cast members for drinks. Eventually Danny, Tori, their friend Eric and I all went back to Danny and Tori's place in Laurel and watched Lenny and the Brave Little Toaster. Their dog Bowzer is a Bernese and maybe the cutest dog in the world besides Max. This isn't their dog but rather a really cute picture of a Bernese puppy being used as slave labor in the most adorable fashion:

Oy but then my brain was just totally killing me yesterday and my sister was in a bad way because of some illicit activities she participated in, and long story short I had to drive her home to Delaware, which wasn't all that bad and actually sort of fun because I hadn't seen my lil sis all weekend.
Went to the Moms house, ate pea soup and watched Flightplan, the worst movie ever. It had SO many plot-holes and was just annoying the shit out of me so I was just IM'ing James about my weekend and then went to bed.
I was talking to ben on the phone when suddenly all hell broke loose and my sister is pounding on my door and screaming, "you fucking BITCH! You fucking liar BITCH!" while my mom is screaming at my sister and I was already in the middle of telling ben a story about what a shit-heel I am, and I eventually had to just hang up the phone and figure out wtf was going on. Apparently my mom read my IM with James about why Hannah was too fucked up to drive home and Hannah thought I just had ratted her out (which like, why would I do that?!?) and started screaming "Oh, like Drew didn't do drugs all of high school!" which mom replied "but she still WENT to high school!"
.....and onwards and upwards.
This is why Im so glad I don't live at home.
The end.

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