Monday, February 05, 2007

I'll never be your beast of burden

Jerry 2.0 sent me this blog from his friend about SA goons on online gaming communities such as World of Warcraft, Eve, and 2nd Life.
I spent my FIRST full day off since I got back from pittsburgh in the Catskills with Brian and Jacob. We ice-skated on white lake, then jumped into the hot tub that was literally 15 feet away from the lake. I took massive bong hits and watched Saw and Wayne's World 2. I talked all the way through Saw because I can't seem to help it when it comes to movies like that. Saw was even stupider than I remembered it; I think specifically because it has the pretensions of being a "good" horror film-like se7en- that the later two didn't have. The acting is the worst ever. The plot twists make literally NO sense and are impossible to deduce and basically extraneous anyway. Unnecessary.
Then we burned some art and I met their puppy, woke up in the afternoon(!!!), made pizza, took the bus back home in order to catch the last quarter of the superbowl w/ Jerry 2.0 at his friend's party, went to the store and got a FREE PIZZA and chocolate mousse that was the best thing ever, then sleep, now back at work!
My best friend in the world is either my dog Max or. No. It's really Max.

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