Saturday, February 03, 2007

2nd chance at 2nd life

So I went on a blind date last night. I know. I met him through the Onion Personals. I KNOW. I should no better. I mean, its not like I have a problem meeting guys at the bar, or dont already have a nice long-distance thing going on. BUT: I guess I just wanted to be the one who picked someone out, you know? Plus, I figured it'd be good for a laugh. So I found a cute guy whose moniker was something along the lines of "Ilovemyjob" which involved being a "futurist" (I know) for that game/online furry haven, 2nd Life.
I decided to meet him at Jordan's "Frequencies" opening, because I would know several people there in case this guy turned out to be creepy/unnatractive/boring. Max even showed up to be a wingman.
Zjoko(sp?!) was working the bar and it turns out he KNEW Jerry (Jerry 2.0 from hereonin, so as not to be confused with House Jerry/greg/douchewad.) He was sort of lukewarm about the guy so I was getting worried. Ami and Ted from Oberlin showed up, so I figured I at least would have witnesses. I spent the beginning half of the show getting WASTED and bumming focacia bread off of Linus, who was there to show off his sculpture pieces. I remember why I NEVER go beyond the store or the occasional bar: hipsters in New York are INTIMIDATING. Me and Steve just kind of stood there with our arms crossed, people watching.
Jerry 2.0 showed up.
The dude was like, 6'6, 6'7. Like, a HEAD taller than Max, at least. But really cute, with one of those deep voices and kind face with facial hair and impecibly dressed. We all went outside to smoke a cigarette (Max, Jerry, and I) and talk a bit. Max and this dude were all OVER each other's junk; instead of being an internet geek (what I imagined for someone who spends all his time in a community that somethingawful has a whole section devoted to making fun of....oh, so you work for WofW? NEAT!) he was extremely funny, self-deprecating, and really hip. Actually, Max spent more time talking to my date last night than I did, I think.
All three of us went to Capones for beer and pizza since we were all uncomfortable at the crowded hipter art gala.
We ran into Ted and Ami smoking up on the street and invited them along. We got a small grotto, a private room sunk into the floor of the bar that provided us with a "private room" feel. Ami and Ted were impressed with Jerry 2.0. At one point Ted leaned over and was like "good catch! You seriously found this dude online?" We spent a lot of time talking about Oberlin, which Jerry 2.0 seemed more amused by than anything. We also talked about his job as a futurist for Electric Sheep (the company in 2nd life he works for). Its actually the coolest job ever: to predict trends by talking to people in the game and like basically, be one step ahead of the curve on the cool factor. His roomates worked in 2nd life and one was a producer for MTV; we watched the Vice travel guide dvd as well as some homemade movie of the loft next to American Apparel that Jerry shot; which was going to be his work's new headquarters as well as Jerry's new apartment.
Finally Max left with stars in his eyes, Jerry 2.0 hung out and talked about Chinese gold farmers in World of Warcraft and the future of Williamsburg 2.0 and somethingawful and lots of stuff. He was so cool!
And then, this morning walking to goodbye blue monday for my saturday shift, I found a baggie of coke on the ground in Williamsburg. Someone must have been really dissapointed last night.
Tonight: going upstate to visit Brian and go ice-skating.
Next weekend: Go to see Danny's play and meet his wife, Tori, and their dog in DC or whereever the hell they live.
Weekend of the 16th: Hannah comes to New Yrok for a visit.
Weekend of the 22nd: Possibly going to Pittsburgh to see Ben and Rob.
So February is a really busy month.
(ps can I PLEASE work for 2nd life? Its so fucking cool.)

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