Thursday, February 01, 2007

Meowskers like, the best band ever. They played at the store last night, and made me stick around for their set even though I was utterly exhausted and had already bowed out of chilling more with Ricardo and co at the Cake Shop. Though I did meet an interesting girl there; some Obie named Hannah who was like, so totally stoked that she DP'd on Lena's films. Notable only because of the times she used the word "dp" in a sentence and how eager she was to tell me how close she was to all these cool kids I had never fucking heard of. It was like ambassadors from two different planets. We seriously had NO overlapping friends in common but she insisted on smiling at every opportunity and being the happiest, most driven person I think I've ever met under the age of 25. So there ya go.
BUT: back to Meowskers. I am really bad at giving music reviews so maybe you just need to listen to them. i promise its worth it.
Totally fucking ROCKED about Jordan's exhibition opening up tomorrow night: Frequencies at the Black and White Gallery in Williamsburg. I might even have a date for the show, albeit someone I met online. That will be a first, but the guy seems really cool; he's a designer for second life and at the very least I am really interested in his career and want to pick his brain.
Um, so saturday night going upstate to the Catskills again to visit Brian, NEXT weekend I am going home to see Danny in this comic book play Rough Magic in DC. Haha, the "slinking" danny gavigan. I still remember the boy as the Devil from Damn Yankees.
Then three weekends from now, my sister is coming to stay with me. The week after THAT, Im going back to Pittsburgh, maybe.
So Im sort of booked solid for like, the rest of my life here. Whatever, that's cool.

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