Monday, January 08, 2007

welcome to heeeelllllllll

so i went in for about half hour of temping today and in the middle of training to learn how to place orders for this catering service I was literally like "fuck this", said that I was really sorry, but had another job offer, and left.
It wasn't EXACTLY a lie. Narrowstep said they would need me for at least some of this week, and that's good enough for me. I'd rather have a part-time job that I love than work 10-7 at something makes me want to slit my wrists when Im already feeling like shit. Actually....elaving a job, I mean, deciding to just walk out......felt pretty good actually. No, better than good, it felt fucking fantastic. Like maybe I'm starting to give myself, a goal, some priorities, or at least I'm recognising that I have some sort of boundaries and am not just floating around. I'd rather be poor and scrapin for money than doing something I DESPISE.
I may not know exactly what my goal is in life yet, but I'm figuring out what my limits are.
So: with that empowered mindset I promptly shot off this letter to that fucking faggoty ass artist kid (previously known as greg) because despite repeated polite requests for my copy of VALIS back (its my favorite book ever and it doesn't even belong to me, its my roomate's) he's refused to even respond. Actually thats not true. Today he said he'd give it back "when he was done."
And then it hit me: as much as I say I like jerks, I have a threshold for douchey behaviour as well. Especially from douche's who suck in bed and seems to derive endless pleasure by treating me as less-than-human.
So that prompted today's email:
re: valis
hey jer,
listen maybe i didnt make myself understood in the email, voice-message, and phone call.
I dont need this back when you've fucking taken your leisure time in-between masturbating onto your sketch-books.
I need this book back asap: its not mine, its my boss/roomate/landlords and how long does it take a fucking genius to read a two-hundred page book anyway?
yea, go fucking cry to your therapist about this in between your faggoty ass fantasies of fucking your roomate and your sister, I just want my fucking book back without ever having to deal with your specifically annoying brand of pathetic hate-fucking again.
Seriously jerry, not "when you're finished".
NOW I actually feel like, great. Fantastic. The best I've felt in awhile.
So I guess it was a pretty revolutionary day.
Oh, and if anyone wants to know how my date went with Christian last night, you can ask me tonight at the Life cafe. I'll be the bitch in the corner, drinking for free and making eyes at the bartender. ;-)

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