Tuesday, January 09, 2007

holy cats! holy, holy cats!

Woke up from a really weird dream in which an ex was licking my face to find out that it was only Karelisa's kitty-cat. Still though, I did one of those comical double-takes, like "oh baby that feels so.....wha-whaaaaaa?"
Also, this chick, one of Mathew's friends who has the Vespa, dropped off a copy of Rabbits(!!!) at the bar for me last night (I also got Valis back but it was really creepy.....it just sort of "appeared at my elbow" and Jen was like "oh yea, you didnt see the creepy looking dude who just slinked in and out?" Apparently not. Thank god.) I roped Karelisa into watching it, or at least part of it. Then we re-enacted scenes from it while waiting for the train. I'd open the station door, walk through, look around slowly while she started cheering wildly. Then I'd go sit down, then stand up, then sit down again while repeating lines like "what time is it?" and "i know I've forgotten it" and "big yellow black blood" over and over to her uproarious laugh-track. It was fun.
Then it was movie night at Life Cafe with Karelisa, Christian, Steve, and Ryan. Yay! I got there in time for the end of Sunset Blvd which was great because I always wanted to know exactly what I'd be like at fifty.
Then it was Sabrina w. Bogart and Hepburn and Karelisa exclaiming "you know, if she was a witch this would make so much more sense."
Karelisa kept saying how much Christian reminded her of Aiden and I was like "John Colbert?" and Christian was like "Northern Exposure?" because he is older than us and remembers a time that was pre-S&C.

This is pretty incredible. Watch the whole thing.

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