Friday, January 05, 2007

Earth angel earth angel, please be mine, My darling dear, love you all the time

that song always reminds me of the first back to the future cuz they play it at the prom.
Went out with karelisa+myra last night to that australian fish-themed bar near Cake Shop. It was just like last time, where I just drink and antisocially watch whatever movie they have on (Empire Strikes back, this time). Karelisa almost encited two race riots. It was fun.
We met Clayton and his friend chris' younger brother Kevin at Baggit Inn later, and karelisa ran away and dissapeared. Which is cool, because I pulled that at Rafifi's last week.
So it turns out Clayton isnt just visiting, but actually moved down on Dekalb. Of course he did. Should I really expect anything else at this point? It's like a constant episode of "this is your life".
OH! New job on Monday: In the meantime, I will just enjoy this looooong break I've had and work at the store tommorow and sunday.
I keep on missing Nathan, our schedules just conflict right now, but I will see him before he goes back to Haaaavard.
So Im supposed to third-wheel this date with Karelisa and Zach tonight. Should be interesting.
I miss Brittany Taylor. She's like my shadow, my shadow whose ass I kicked in scrabble.

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