Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So this weekend i will be seeing David Lynch not once but TWICE. First I will be hearing him talk about transcedental meditation on Saturday night, and on SUNDAY night he's going to be at a screening for Inland Empire!
Yeep! Yeep! Yeep yeep yeep!
Ok, so I think I should feel more excited but I actually just feel overly exhausted and emotionally drained. Who knows. I need to stop jumping around like this.
new years resolution: stop Seinfeld-dating. You either start looking for long-term possibilities or go home alone. Its not that terrible of a concept. I miss my bed, as always. It's never even one night-stands. Its like, one-week stands. They are a lot harder to shake off, and they get exponentially more complicated the longer you are in them. I'm just looking for the right balance where the time put into one of these things is worth the amount of pain it will inevitably cause me.
Also: no nice guys. I'd rather end up knowing they are assholes then wondering if Im a bitch.

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