Friday, January 12, 2007

I knew I wouldn't regret those tattoos ma!

I saw David Lynch last night at Barnes and Noble. I actually got really good seats because I showed up at four and waited in fucking line, unlike the assholes who came directly at seven and were all pissing and moaning. What you guys never did the line for comp tickets during the RENT craze? You cant just SHOW UP. It was fucking awesome. Karelisa and I sat there and listened to David Lynch and Au Revoir Simone. David Lynch is the most serene person in the entire fucking world. You wouldn't believe that someone who drinks as much coffee as him and direct the creepiest movies in the world could be so....happy? Content? The man literally radiated good vibes. Im not saying I believe this transcendental meditation or that i think its for me......but i think im going to look into at least some form of meditation. James said he'd show me how. I dunno, I bought Lynch's new book so he could sign it, and there are some really cute passages in it. He obviously is very genuine about his experiences in TM:
Many people have already experienced transcending, but they may not realize it. It's an experience that you can have just before you go to sleep. You're awake, but you experience a sort of fall, and you maybe see some white light and get a little jolt of bliss. And you say, "Holy jumping George!"

Seriously, I know people that meditate and they always seem super-serious but David Lynch just is the most at-ease person I've ever seen.
I got him to autograph my book and I mustered up my courage and told him I had taught a class about him in college.
"And how did that go for you?"
"Well, I got this tattoo...." and I turned around and showed him my eraserhead quote on my back.
His face lit up. It wasn't insincere or a brush-off, he was honestly flattered!
"That's heavy duty! That's a really beautiful tattoo!"
Then he looked at me and I swear to god it was the zenith of my life
"Very, very beautiful"
I shook his hand, almost in tears, while his photographer asked to take a picture of my back. I have never felt happier. I think I understand now how people could follow Manson or Jim Jones or something. When someone is just that charismatic and radiates a sense of "having all the answers" you just want to drop your life and follow them. I would gladly give up and move to a ranch in california if it meant i could here David Lynch talk everyday about meditation.
I spent all night totally happy and went bar-hopping. I ended up back at my bar where David Amram was playing pied piper to 150 new york school kids that he had taken on tour across the country. I met James Conner's roomate, this guy named Thai. He was really cute. Between him and Christian Im beginning to think Im only drawn to people who share the names as characters from Clueless.
I think I invited him up to hang out, but he had to go home first so I gave him my number, went into my room, then tripped over my bed and was unconscious before I even hit the pillow. I woke up at 8 am with a raging headache, boots and coat still on, and three voice-messages from this guy. Then I called everyone I know, threw up some gatorade, and now im at work.

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