Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spending every dime for a wonderful time

You can thank me later:
Everything you ever wanted and more

Spending an hour with Chris Cergenski and Clayton driving around bushwick while totally fucked up looking for a white castle? Not as fun as the movie makes it out to be. Plus white mercedes in the ghetto is never a good idea.
I GOT A NEW JOB. Thanks, other temp employment agency! 10-7, doing some other new type of media shiznit. Maybe full-time.
BUT: doesn't start till monday so what to do this weekend?
and plus? Why do the bushwick kids have the coolest job? Mike gets to go to Lousiana to make his documentary about the schizoid who thinks he's talking to Joan of Ark, Matty's commissioning his new art thingie for 6 grand, everyone AND THEIR MOTHER seems to be in some sort of "glorified technician" role and still find time to be an artist and hang around movie sets all day.
Whine whine whine.

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