Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007- The year of the exs or: How Drew Recycles

So its wednesday night and I've turned it into Twin Peaks Evening at GBM by playing only Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti. Well now its bob dylan's "dont think twice" but I love this song so whatevs.
So New Years was crazy, I spent most of it yelling at James on the street, we broke up but its ok. I dunno. So that's ex number one, officially.
Ben Musher was in town two nights ago and yesterday, and we watched House and the Cube. It was nice! Hooking up with your first boyfriend is so High Fidelity and life confirming. So that's ex number two.
Clayton and Nathan are supposed to be coming tonight, er, I guess that's three and four, respectively.
I am impressed because that's essentially everyone I've ever dated for more than three weeks, minus Ben Hartman, who is of course in Oregon. Or something.
I think I got a new job via the Laury Group because I havent worked all week and only ten hours last week. So goodbye awesome job, hello more temping!

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