Sunday, December 31, 2006

The only thing I knew how to do, was to keep on keepin' on like a bird that flew

Last night was SO MUCH FUN.
Furnature played and they rocked so much harder than I expected them to. Plus I haven't seen Rich and Steve in forever.
Everyone seemed to know me and know each other. It was this weird six-degree thing with people I always associated as loners in the cafe"oh, so you guys went to high school together and you're his cousin and blah blah blah". Mainly everyone knew each other through Life Cafe. Yea, i know, shutthefuckup. Eric and Ben-haab came as well but I didnt have much time to chat. This guy came up and was like "are you drew? this is my brother drew, he's heard a lot about you." Is it weird to think that guys with your name are attractive? too, too weird.
Brian KAPLOW! was in town, and he slept over with these two italian kids, a couple. They were awesome, we watched Back the Future, which transcends any sort of language barrier.
Earlier on in the night, B and I got drunk and watched Ten Things I hate about you. Not only can I quote that movie verbatum, but it also holds up EXTREMELY well to the test of time. Maybe its because I totally think Joseph Gordon Levitt is a hottie and its the only time Heath Ledger looked good. But still, funny movie!
This lady came into the store yesterday and said she was moving to California in a couple hours and needed girls to take all her clothes. So me, Jen, and Erin went over and tried on approximatley a billion outfits. I found some awesomeness in this Thriller jacket, some cowboy shirts, four pairs of cute jeans, and a green puffy eighties jacket. B made me throw out two fake-fur coats because they were too hideous and she has put it upon herself to make sure I dont always look like a mismatching mental patient.
its funny how most of my friends think I have bad taste in EVERYTHING. Clothes, music, movies (the cube?), even other friends!
So tonight: I guess it depends whether James is coming or not. If James is coming, I'll do what he's doing, unless he's acting like an asshole, in which case I won't. I plan on going to Miranda's, Harry's friend Laura's, GBM's barbeque, and possibly Amelia's.
I dunno. There are approximately a BILLION parties and I just want to get drunk and have a good time without feeling too pressured.
Third New Year's in Brooklyn, what what?!

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