Saturday, December 02, 2006

YEa I'mstarting to think the best young actor of our generation mybe this guy:

I mean, its TOMMY from Third Rock, sure, but after watching Mysterious Skin (bow-chica-bow-wowwwww!) and the first fifteen minutes of Brick (Ariella is right, its like Fire Walk with Me meets Degrassi, with a little bit of Marlow added in for good measure) I'm pretty much convinced that JGL (or Ja-Gih-El as I like to call him) is more versatile than RDJ (Robert Downey Junior). Seriously, the kid's a chameleon. I'd like to fuck the living shit out of him too, if he looks the way he did in Mysterious Skin (minus the male-prostitute fucking guys with legions and hanging out with Buffy's younger sister bit). NICE ABS!
Um, also apparently can't sleep past 6 am anymore. Life is beautiful!

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