Friday, December 01, 2006


Im in MD with a 102 degree fever, as well as some other painful ailments not worth mentioning here. Basically life for the past two days has involved screaming "god why ont you kill me now!" interspersed with lucid dreams about Taxi Driver, eating shitloads of ice-cream and soup (the only thing I can swallow with my engorged lynmph nodes....SHUT UP!) watching Mikey and Nicky, and trying not to sweat through everything I own.
Im about to go on hardcore antibiotics which fun for 12 days! WHEEE! Hopefully this will take care of the DEATH PLAGUE though. Ariella is comnig over tonight to watch Videodrome, anyone else in the MD area is welcome to come and take part in the pity party. Knowing who is stalking you on myspace is such a double ddged sword because now im too afraid to look at people's profiles without wondering if they are doing the same.

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