Monday, December 04, 2006

Have you ever ruptured an internal organ?

causing high fevers, large open lesions, and indescribable pain lasting for upwards of a week?
But thank god, it seems to be over. After running the gambit of
a) thinking I had AIDS
b) thinking I had hemmroids/herpes/chlamidea/ every STD ever
c) thinking that I was dying
I finally got to go to the hospital and get my shit straightened out. Needless to say, Im not 100 percent yet, but I am certainly getting better in that I can finally sleep through an entire night without waking up screaming in agony and have stopped cursing the god who gave me life.
Still in Delaware, probably going to take another day to recuperate, then going back to life as I knew it in New York.
Thank god for percoset! And topical anesthesia.
And health. You never know how nice it is to be healthy until you feel like that dude in Audition.
Also, my sister is probably my favorite person in the world to get stoned with. Hands down. We've already started planning Saw 4:
Jigsaw: Hannah, all your life you've been taking tampons for granted. Tonight, they will get their revenge. If you do not find a tampon in this house in one minute, uh.....something REALLY BAD will happen to you.
So, thanks to all you well wishers, I know I haven't been on the internet 24/7 but its only because of all the wire therapy!

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