Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tonight is my lucky night

I dreamt about a sculpture being made entirely out of golf clubs: I think it was started by my newfound Justin Theroux obsession. Like the scene in Muholland Drive where Adam Kesher bashes the car in with golf clubs right?
How many drivers does a buggy have again?
ANYWAY: out of dreams, into reality. Like, this sculpture exists now. In my backyard. When I came back from MD this week, there was this sculpture in the back of GBM; twisted golfclubs spiraling upwards.
Let me emphasize, this sculpture did not exist BEFORE I left for MD and had this dream.

More importantly though, there was a vinyl couch (thats like, no chance of bedbugs right? I totally read that Voice article.) outside my house today! Totally random, but now I have a couch!!!!
Also, underneath the couch was what I THOUGHT was a crackpipe, but Steve says its a hashpipe. I have so much to learn about brooklyn.
The guy who just played at the store was awesome and sounded like Chris Isaac.
The end.

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