Thursday, December 21, 2006


BOnd temp forgot my paycheck TWO WEEKS IN A ROW.
So Im officially? BRoke as shit.
ANd I need to use my tip money from last night to eat, even though I was GOING to save my tips to pay off my loan.
So Im trying to get TWO extra pt jobs; one with Kaplan tutoring SAT verbal with Myra, and one writing press releases for Brad Walsh.
Plus Im getting the Hannuka gift from my bubby early, and she is VERY generous.
But still.....TWO paychecks? they lose TWO paychecks? and then have the fucking nerve to sound put out when Im freaking about it?
Not everything sucks though: Im doing the breakfast at Tiffany's diet for awhile, which means I dont eat unless someone's buying.

OMG Jerry is dogsitting a PUGGLE. A PUGGLE. Have you guys seen a puggle??!?! They are the cutest fucking dog ever.

When Hercules (the puggle) plays with Parker (the great dane) its about the cutest thing ever.
Happy fucking holidays. Im trying to zen out by thinking about puggles but instead i just keep thinking how, on top of all this, apparently im a heinous bitch who doesnt deserve to live.

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