Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hush boy

The cutest video ever that i get to work with today! Basement Jaxx

Watched Bande a Part last night with Greg and Zach and Parker, the most gorgeous puppy in the world! Loved it, and it didnt drag like some of Godard's stuff but honestly I think now that I'm older I can pick what parts work for me (his use of sound, the cinematography, the iconic personasand characterizations) and what doesnt (the obsessive use of voice-over to drive home "transcendent" points about nature, love, beauty, truth, etc). Anna Karina is gorgeous. It had that famous running-through-the-Louvre sequence that was homaged in "The Dreamers", but what I liked even more was the dancing scene in the cafe, which really makes you understand why Tarantino named his film company "A Band Apart":

So amazing. The diegetic sound. It just kills me.
Um. This morning I got to sleep in till one so I fed Parker and dicked around online.
Now Im at work. Tonight is the store. Salut!

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