Friday, December 15, 2006

Look at me. Tell me if you recognize me from somewhere

INLAND EMPIRE. I feel like I was the only person in our group who liked it. I thought it could of shaved an hour of as well, but what the hell. I mean, Jer was trying to argue against its lack of coherency and like, what did you expect? Do people still go into David Lynch films to act all ornery when it doesn't make sense. I told him he should take up IFC's deal "See the movie 9 times, get the 10th time free (and our respect)!"
I mean, I got the gist, it was a really cool concept actually. Actress finds herself becoming the character she was hired to play, as well as getting flashbacks of the actress/role in the original version of the film, who was Polish and cursed. Also, the film might just be a fairytale (and I'm talking both about the film INLAND EMPIRE, and the film within a film, No More Blue Tomorrows, which I feel is some sort of anagram but I don't get it).
If nothing else, even if it doesn't make ANY sense, you at least have to love the ambiance Lynch puts in his films. They just give off this VIBE of how you feel during a nightmare, or during a three day long speed binge with no sleep.
The cinematography was fucking INCREDIBLE, way to use the digital camera! It's like nothing that's been done with digital before. He makes fantastic use of the fish-eye lens to blow up and distort people's faces, especially in the opening scene with Laura Dern's real life mother, Grace Zabriskie.
Laura Dern by the way, should at least get nominated for this film. Even if you have no idea what's going on, her emotions and stature just blow you away. Its almost (oh no wait, exactly like) Lynch just shot a lot of test scenes of Dern in different characters, emoting. That's fine by me.
As usual, I thought the third act was a really muddled attempt to give closure while NOT giving closure (you know?) but it was still awesome.
The one thing I didn't like? All the prosititutes; especially the one who was clearly a Suicidegirl (hell I think Im friends with her), they just weren't the typical Lynchian types and really distracted and took me out of the moment. And in a three hour film that's basically one long dream sequence, you don't want to have even a moment where you're waking up, shaking your head, and going "no, this doesn't work."
Also, Austin Lynch was in the film and ta-da! Turns out he's one of Jerry's friends from college; another Parsons art major.
I think Justin should have been given more screen-time, and also he needs to lose some weight. He's starting to look old.
Afterwards Max, Jerr, and I went to a diner and ate, then went to Karelisa's "office party" before remembering that Karelisa doesn't work in an office, but in a coffee shop. Think, or Verve, or something. One of the girls recognized me from the night before at goodbye blue Monday. I didn't really feel like drinking so Jerr and I spelled things out on the scrabble board and went home.
ps- If you are the type of person who wants to act out bits of dialogue from Lynch's films in bed, don't expect me not to stalk you. You're basically begging for it.
So that's that.

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