Thursday, December 14, 2006

Was I surprised yeah? Was I surprised- no not at all

My great-grandma died this morning. She was 95, not in any pain (got the morphine button- a family standard in times of crisis) and was the last surviving sibling in a family of seven. I knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time since she was admitted to the hospital with a broken hip earlier this week and couldn't come out from under the anesthetic.
Um, i dunno what to say. The women in our family always seemed immortal- up until last night I've had both grandmas AND a great grandmother, while both granddads peaced out a long time ago. I was beginning to think there was something in both the Grant and Rhode's family genes that let women live forever. I know it sounds stupid, but I figured I could smoke, drink, and basically pummel my body as much as I like because it for women in our family, you basically had to throw yourself in front of a moving car to die.
Also, my Grandma Rose went totally blind in her other eye, which means......I dunno. I guess it means mortality.
And of course, because Im a horrible person, the only thing that's really worrying me is that my parents are going to try to have the funeral tomorrow which means another day off of work (havent worked a full day yet this week, plus the agency lost last week's paycheck so Im not getting paid AND its rent week) and will make me go home tonight. Honestly I can't even afford to go home right now. This blows. Especially since it comes right on the tails of another illness or flu or something. Jeesus. I told Phil, I feel like Im doing an exercise in lame excuses for missing work for the past week. I dunno why I haven't been let go yet, they don't even have any work for me to do. They are just sweeties, I guess.
Um, going to see Inland Empire tonight. I am excited; Matt and Max and Karelisa and Jerry and Elise are coming. I worked last night and it was one of Thorn's Cabaret thingies again, but this oen didn't end in the cops so we can all be thankful. It was actually entertaining; they had this fucking hilarious stand-up comic, Sven, who Matt knew from Rififi's. He kept getting interrupted by this insane fat black lady who was like going into convulsions and speaking in tongues and doing weird shit like moaning really loudly and pulling off her shirt and shit to reveal massive mammaries.
Well, at least its never boring. I got take-in from Cactus, the best fucking Mexican place in the world. Matt and I played Egyptian Rat Screw. Everytime there was a lull in the music I put on Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" which really seemed to get the crowd riled up.
I dunno, Gypsy kids are weird.

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