Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh. My. God.

Nevermind. Nothing interesting. Back in Delaware and without the pills to make it interesting. It's Friday night what!
Matty and I watched the documentary about the original "hell house"- you know, the christian fundamentalist depressing peace of shit that gets a campy remake here in the big apple. The abortion room, the "rave room" also known as the "rape room" (also known as the most poorly tagged room in Texas with the worst DJ in the hemisphere)...I like how in that scene, the girl gets raped, brings up repressed memories of her father raping her, kills herself.....and then goes to hell. For killing herself. Those wacky fundamentalists! Let me not even get you started on the guy who was dying of AIDS (hell) or the internet-love-affair-causing-spousal-abuse (mom whose having affair-hell, professional wrestler, leisure time wife-beating drunk? Heaven).
Also, after the door you are peer-pressured into praying and if you don't pray? HELL.
Also, there were a lot of shots of the prayer meetings of the church this was started in....I'm not sure I ever knew how much "speaking in tongues" was considered a direct order from Christ. It seems more like it would be part of the "homeless/crazy" people brancch (formerly the HCP) or perhaps....the world of SATAN??!
Um. Without someone to snuggle with since like, uh, I guess the last time I was in Delaware (poor me) I am very lonely.
And also thirsty because I ate this gigantic chimichanga from Cactus before I left with Matty and Jen (the new dyed-black-haired resident at GBM). Me and Jen made plans to go to Mars Bar next week, but I can't tell if they are real plans or the plans you make with girls to prove that you want to be friends with them but then end up not actually wanting to expend any effort to get the friendship rolling because there seems to be something even more at stake in trying to forge a friendship with girls than there is with guys.
You know what I mean?
Maybe not.

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