Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holy shit:

Thank you Wired, for giving me this video:

Also: Wired's whole deal this month is Youtube, so being on their website constitutes research, aight? So you guys all know about that Lonelygirl15 youtube bullshit where its like Laguna Beach but vlogging, and its just one chick with huge eyebrows. And everyone's like "omg, its fake its fake!" but honestly, Im just wondering how they are making ANY money off this thing. I guess now they have backers and shit, and like 500,000 viewers. Im still unclear how that changes into dollar$ without any sort of adverts. Um, but what IS cool about it is that by having this new form of tv show on youtube, viewers literally can weigh in and comment on the action and have their comments direct the next plot development.
Like I guess now Lonelygirl has run away from home and some 'tuber noticed that in the last installment some guy was standing outside her motel window. So this week's episode?

Now see, this is the sort of interactive media I could get behind. But still, where do you make money in this?

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