Wednesday, December 06, 2006

baby baby sweet baby there's just something I gotta say

Goddamn do I love my job/my life. Coming back was so wonderful, since apparently the management has changed hands and now they need me to edit animal shows using final cut pro. Then my boss goes to a doctor appointment and says I can leave if I want to. I've been here like, two and a half hours, not counting my lunch break, cuz I need the money after my "sick leave". But I figure I'll leave around three thirty, four, then drop off my new dvd/vcr player, get snazzed up, get dinner with Max, then go see History Boys with him, Karelisa, and Chris Harris.
Then party over at the skeleton house.
Plus, Liz's radio show= Drew feels warm and squiggly.
But you know what's horrible? Abusing Asian Moon Bears for entertainment. David Duchovney taught me all about it today when I was logging time codes:

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