Thursday, December 07, 2006

And it was all yellow:

I have now successfully pulled off the greatest con of my life: convincing a dude I'm a virgin. Turns out if you don't know me at all, pick me up at a bar, spend approximately 10 minutes talking to me about the Cube, its STILL really really hard to believe that I've never had sex.
I mean this all occurred at Cheap Shots, so I guess im just lucky I didn't end up on the air hockey table again.
But yea he looked a LOT like Gregory House and I DIDNT sleep with him.
Because Im a virgin. Its really really really hard to be a virgin, especially when Hugh Laurie is around.
But we got to go over the brooklyn bridge on the way home which is always fun. I need to go across it more often, and not under it so much. That sounds sexual but its not I really just take the subway too much.
Also check this out: I totally didnt remember this until I woke up this morning BUT I had totally been checking out the SAME DUDE (i think his name is Jerry which would sound way less dumb if he was british but he isnt so oh well cant win them all) once when he came into the store like three weeks ago, because I was like "damn, that's what Hugh Laurie WISHED he looked like at 20-something". In reality, when Hugh Laurie was young he looked like this:

So this dude is not just a DUDE but a CUSTOMER so bushwick connections are the new oberlin connection. Ok enough ranting about my newfound non-sex life.

SOOOOO the History Boys was very good but something got lost in the translation to screen and the ending copped out hardcore but it did allow me and max to regale Karelisa with what I think will forever be referred to as "The Train wreck that was the Danenburg London Fall'04 program". I was seriously laughing so hard when I got to the bar I thought I was going to piss myself. It seemed like that trip was like, the worst experience ever but really it makes for some FANTASTIC stories. I don' think I even got to the part where I rolled down face-first into stinging nettles.
But trying to describe the dynamic of that particular group is like trying to sum up a whole season of Real World that you were way too involved in and really doesn't hold interest for anyone else. So why am I still talking about it? Because I am majorly hung over and I have to talk about SOMETHING besides Hugh/Jerry before I look like a total psychopath. Also I think im about to get in trouble because Im not watching youtube. Sometimes I just put a clip on randomly and open another tab so it SOUNDS like Im watching youtube, but Im really not.
Life is haaaaaaaaaaaard guys!
But its not as hard as living in London.

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