Friday, December 22, 2006


jesus I wont get over puggles ever. Woke up to a pile of 1) great dane 1)puggle puppy licking my nose 1) devastatingly handsome boy and 1) of the boy's roomates, who likes to goad Greg by cuddling with us during inappropriate moments. We need to get Zach laid. BIG TIME.
But now Im cold, alone in the office (i dunno why Im staying there is no one else here except the radar people with whom im currently blasting girl talk with and throwing plushy balls around with) and Greg-less, since he's going to Boston for the weekend.
AND: Avi is coming in tonight. I get NO FREE TIME.
Last night Dwight cooked me in awesome dinner of chicken and avacado along with savory rice; I fell asleep till whenever, woke up past one, hung out with Matty and Jen at the store........proposed a theory about the "dyed black hair, mean eyes, Williamsburg girls" and how they are not invited to our social circle, felt ridiculous.
Egh. Lately its like this feeling of overwhelming tiredness. It might have something to do with the klonopinata that I've been delving into every day. Im just sick of being poor, these half weeks, this concept of buying everyone presents and having to act excited. I hate the holidays. all i want to do for christmas is spend it how i've spent the last week. Curled up in bed with a semi-distracted, extremely distant boy that has abs cut from like, marble.
Hey, at least i KNOW what's wrong with me.

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