Thursday, December 07, 2006

Someone create the most ironic way I could die because I deserve to be killlllled

I just watched all of Saw 2. On youtube. So like, fifteen minute clips, from beginning to end.
Because I have a death wish. Obviously.
AND LET ME JUST SAY: If Saw 1 was the most blatant rip-off of Se7en that ever got through the copyright radars, than Saw 2 did a good job finding a less well-known film to steal EVERY GODDAMN ASPECT OF, including SOME OF THE DIALOGUE.
I mean, not that many people have seen Cube, right?
ARGH. It makes me very very angry. Angry enough to fulfill an ambiguously racist stereotype and go shit-crazy when you are two minutes away from solving the puzzle. Or hey, why not throw some people into booby-traps and try to kill them only by being outwitted by the same character twenty minutes later, after you kill somebody by sticking a giant metal thing through them?
Or hey, why even bother solving the puzzle when there may not be a solution? Oh wait thats right we all have a WILL TO LIVE, even you Mr(s) Cynic, sitting in the corner, not saying much but havin' something to hide but deep down you will end up being the redeeming character?
You know what? FUCK IT. We're just going to make this shit arbitrarly about a number combination lock but have none of the ingenuity of having any math or discernable logic involved, just some bs you pull out of your ass at the end to make it a "trick". OMG THE BOY WAS IN THE SAFE THE WHOLE TIME! IF YOU HADN'T MOVED FROM THE FIRST ROOM TO BEGIN WITH YOU PROBABLY WOULD HAVE SURVIVED!
And this is why I don't have any real friends. Because at the end of the day when I attempt normal human interaction (via AIM, of course) this is what occurs:

videodru: hows life?
xbekimx: good
videodru: yea?
videodru: you not sick too, are you?
xbekimx: yeah i'm sick again
videodru: will girls wrestling in jello cheer you up?
xbekimx: nah that's shits gross
videodru: oh
videodru: what if its lime jello?
videodru: do you think if i put garlic cloves all over the house _____ wont be able to come in?
videodru: what about crosses?
xbekimx: probably not
videodru: yea probably not!
videodru: ugh im such a pussy
videodru: i'll probably keep leaving pints of fresh blood at his door as peace offerings until he finds another cave to call his home during the daylight hours when the sun burns his skin
xbekimx : why do you hate him so much?
videodru: i dont!
videodru : i totally <3 ______
videodru im just terrified of him
videodru: if I could, I would totally make out with ______; i always wanted to see what that eternal life thing is about
xbekimx : ...
xbekimx : are you drunk?
xbekimx : it's 3:30

Names have been changed to protect, well, myself, because if you say my roomate's name three times I'm pretty sure he appears behind you with a witty barb and that evil laugh he has.
*sigh* I miss him.

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