Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yea you're the shit but you won't be it for long, cuz there's always someone cooler than you

Typical sunday morning after a night of craziness:
Paul, his boyfriend Mike, and his sister Sara came and stayed with me this weekend in exchange of driving me to NY from DE. We went to Panna 2, I totally ate two xanax bars at Grace's house and woke up six pm the next day with Sebastian yelling "are you dead, are you dead, ok, you're not dead, good just making sure."
Bought and watched a Fish called Wanda; "And the London Underground ISNT a political movement....I looked it up!"
There was a comic book opening at the store last night!!! AWESOME. I bought a copy, natch, and stole their poster from the store window:

The book itself is pretty awesome:

My favorite is this comic about Van Gogh about joining "Team Awesome" with nutritious breakfast food that try to mug him:

Then I went to a party at Harry's friend's loft on S. Fifth and Wythe, right next to the water. Made a gentleman's wager with Harry, totally won, because I am AWESOME. BT and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and smoked a J.
And now its today, which is PICTURE DAY:
Plastic forks, an awesome comic about a guy whose genitals are replaced by metal and people are after him and stuff. The artwork looks familiar

And what kind of picture day is it without a new myspace pose?

Tonight: Micky and Nicky or whatever, its John Cassavetes and Peter Faulk! With my buddy Matt! Yaya!
I <3 Sundays.

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