Friday, November 24, 2006

For every invention we made, how much time did we save? We 're not that much further from the cave

Damn, sleep cycle all sorts of fucked up. Its 4:43 and Im wide awake, but its not morning.
How come the best love letter I'll ever recieve comes through facebook? How come facebook determines who Im friends with, who Im dating, and not the other way around. ThIS is Croenenburg for the new millenium, not that eXistenz shit. I have melded into the technology.
I just read Lullaby by that guy who wrote Fight Club. Chuck Polish-last-name-that-I-dont-feel-like-Googling. It was very good. I can read 260 pages over one day in thanksgiving. Im a fast reader.
Thanksgiving itself was uneventful. Grandma totally ratted me out to mom about taking her pain meds and mixing it with wine, but fuck man, she GAVE me that ONE ultracet (like that will do anything) without me even asking. I think I have bronchitis. That hollow coughing, hacking noise keeps getting worse, and I pulled a muscle in my chest right above where I think my heart is, which is leading to unending amounts of panic attacks "im I dying?"
I hate grandma. GRRR! She refused to even listen to me when I told her I was engaged. She holds her stupid toy-whatever-the-fuck-kinda-dog in a headlock around the house like Paris Hilton with a lazy eye and bacon for skin.
The good times are killing me.
Over the counter sleeping pills are doing jack shit.
Out of everyone in the world I would like to see right now, James needs to come the fuck home.

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