Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh Lillian, look what you've done

I've listened to Depeche Mode too much for someone in such a snarky mood today. I've seriously had the best one-lined zingers of my life, too bad no one except Max was online to hear them.

Sebastian would hurt me if he found out I said he was a lan-party away from losing that beret in a high stakes game of counter-strike.

Or that it might be a bad tactical decision to be friends with a certain chick, since this was obviously the only sentence where "tact" and *insert name* would be in the same sentence.

Also I was pissed at Eliza and told her she should find better things to do with her day than picking on shaving her chest hair.


Oh, Lillian
I should have run
I should have known
Each dress you own
Is a loaded gun

Oh, Lillian

Oh, Lillian
I need protection
I hear your voice
And any choice I had is gone

Oh, Lillian
Once I begun
I couldn't stop
'til every drop of blood was sung

Pain and misery always hit the spot
Knowing you can't lose what you haven't got

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

got any spare mustache wax? ZING!

just kidding. i love you.