Monday, November 20, 2006

I never should have gotten you from the circus? What are you talking about, I auditioned for this role....

nihilistparadox (12:40:25 PM): yeah, this is why i hate puns
videodru (12:40:41 PM): hey, hey adam!
videodru (12:40:53 PM): your lips are so pursed that you opened them and some quarters fell out!
videodru (12:40:54 PM): ZING
nihilistparadox (12:40:54 PM): . . .
nihilistparadox (12:40:57 PM): goodbye drew
videodru (12:41:09 PM): im actually laughing out loud
videodru (12:41:13 PM): at my own cleverness
videodru (12:41:24 PM): and your subtle use of the dot dot dot function
videodru (12:41:29 PM): but mostly my clevernerss

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