Monday, November 20, 2006

Michael Pitt pic:

His guitar was very pretty. Sorry its so dark.
My favorite overheard ever:
Drunk lady: Have you seen my coat?
Girl wearing fake moustache: You didn't bring a coat.
Drunk lady: Yes, yes I did, I had a coat. I put it right over...
Girl wearing fake moustache: No, I'm sorry, ma'am, you didn't bring a coat.
Drunk lady: I know I brought a coat -- I can't find my coat!
Girl wearing fake moustache [hula-hooping her hips and pointing to her crotch]: Sometimes my vagina goes like this.

It's like some David Lynch inspired-Dadaist one act!

Last night I found out several things. I found out Sebastian is a closet nyeeerd and he has spent several sleepless, nauseas nights playing Half Life Two or some shit.
I found out that I am now the proud owner of a fishy change purse (pics to come soon).
I found the entire class (instead of the 99% that i had originally thought) of Oberlin's graduating '03-'04 class lives in Brooklyn, as evidenced by Karelisa and sis' turkey party yesterday where I ran into everyone from Sam Kulik to Janet to that girl liz who I never understood why, but was always recognizable by that tattoo of a circle she has on her back. You know, I don't even think her name is Liz.
I brought Steve, who was late on account of pants-ironing, and got to introduce him to Karelisa and Myra. I never see him anymore because he's at work being like, Mr. Superhero political guy but I get the sense sometimes that "he's just not that into me" or whatever. Which is fine, I guess, but I like him. Can't win 'em all, I guess. Also had the brilliant revelation that turkey= too sleepy to mingle, and thus was caught off guard when someone outside the party last night named "Neil" (if that is his real name and I wasn't just hallucinating him) was like "I know you, you dated Gabe Pumple! I was his roommate the year before you guys met" and I immediately had to make my exit because WTF?

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